The best part of Poptropica are the different islands and there are lots of them to play. Some are easier and some are harder. I have put together a lot of Poptropica Cheats and Walkthroughs to help you with all the different islands.

Early Poptropica Island

This is the first island that most people play in Poptropica. Learn how to do all of it very quickly.

Shark Tooth Island

Get the walkthrough and all the cheats for Shark Tooth Island on Poptropica. Finish it in under seven minutes!

Time Tangled Island

Travel through different eras in history and help save the future with these cheats for Poptropica Time Tangled Island.

24 Carrot Island

Find out how to beat 24 Carrot Island in Poptropica. Stop the evil Dr. Hare and his dastardly plot!

Super Power Island

Become a super hero and re-capture escaped super-villains in this exciting and adventure-filled quest.

Spy Island

Use your special secret agent skills to stop the notorious evil organization B.A.D. from carrying out its latest plot to harm the citizens of Poptropica.

Nabooti Island

Travel across Africa in search of the Lost Jewels of Nabooti.

Astro-Knights Island

Take off into space on a grand quest to rescue the kidnapped princess of Arturus.

Counterfeit Island

Unravel the mystery behind a plot to steal the most famous art in the world in this gripping island quest full of amazing twists and turns.

Reality TV Island

The citizens of this island love their reality television. You must complete your application and try to compete to win this season’s main event.

Mythology Island

Explore the legends of ancient Greek mythology and encounter both Gods and fantastic creatures as you go on an epic quest to retrieve five sacred objects and try to save all of Poptropica.

Wild West Island

You’re the new marshal in town and you’ve got to put a stop to the notorious villian, El Mustachio Grande.

Wimpy Wonderland

Help Greg Heffley find his brother Manny in this island quest based on the Diary of a Wimpy Kid book series.

Red Dragon Island

Travel back in time to ancient Japan with the kids from the Magic Treehouse book series.

Shrink Ray Island

You’re a mini-Poptropican as you try to explore a world in shrunken size and help find the missing scientist and her shrink ray invention.

Mystery Train Island

A whodunnit mystery ride on a steam train bound for the Chicago World’s Fair in 1893.

Poptropica Mythology Island Bridge