Cheats for Super Power Island

Who wants to be a superhero? Everyone does. And that’s exactly what you get to be in Poptropica’s Super Power Island. There’s a crisis at the County Prison. A radioactive meteoirite has struck the building and several super-villains have escaped. The police don’t know how to catch them and they need a new superhero to catch the criminals and save the day!

Poptropica Super Power Island

At the Masks & Capes Store in Super Power Island

Here is a step-by-step guide with all the cheats and secrets for how to beat Super Power Island on Poptropica.

  1. Go into the Comic Book shop that you see as soon as you arrive in Super Power Island.
  2. Talk to the nerdy looking guy with pimples and glasses. His name is Ned Noodlehead and he will give you a Superhero Handbook. You can read it if you like.
  3. Go next door into the Masks and Capes store and click on the guy on the left. He will give you your superhero ID card. You can click on any of the costume dummies in the store to pick out your own superhero costume.
  4. Now leave the Masks and Capes store and walk over to the left. Leave this area and you will arrive at the prison. Talk with the prison warden and he will tell you about the escaped criminals. He will also give you a file on all of them.
  5. Now talk to the woman wearing the white laboratory coat. She will give you a pair of anti-power handcuffs which you can use to arrest the villains once you capture them.
  6. Go back to to the right through the area you arrived in all the way to the next one. You will see some police officers outside a bank. Talk to tem and they’ll tell you that one of the escaped villains, Copy Cat, is inside.
  7. Go inside the bank and walk to the left. You’ll find Copy Cat. She instantly copies herself several times and all of them flee to different parts of the bank. She then throws a smoke grenade onto the floor.
  8. You only have a short time to capture all of the copies (and the original) of Copy Cat before the smoke overwhelms you. Use the elevator on the far right side of the bank to get to the second floor.
  9. When you capture all of the different copies of Copy Cat, you will arrest her. That’s your first super villain! You’ll appear back at the prison and see Copy Cat behind bars.
  10. Return to Main Street and then run to the right until you see a Subway sign. Go down the stairs into the station. The police officers inside will tell you that another villain, Speeding Spike, is on board one of the trains.
  11. Go into the train and walk to the right, where you’ll find Speeding Spike. He’ll keep running at you and you need to jump over him to avoid his attack. As long as he keeps missing you, he’ll get tired. Eventually, he’ll become exhausted and sit down on the floor. Then you can walk up to him and arrest him.
  12. You’ll return to County Jail and see that Speeding Spike is now behind bars as well. Great job, superhero! Now there’s just a few more criminals to catch.
  13. Now go all the way to the right again and go past the Subway entrance. You’ll arrive at the City Park. Here you will find another villain, Sir Rebral. He is standing on top of a broken statue. He’s using his mind to control rocks that fly up from the ground to hit you. The trick is to position yourself so that when you jump or duck to avoid one of the rocks, it continues on its path and hits Sir Rebral in the head.
  14. When he gets hit, Sir Rebral will get very angry. Patches of ground will start popping up. Now go to the gray rock on the ground and push it over one of the spots where the ground is popping. The rock will fly up in the air and hit Sir Rebral. Then you can capture him.
  15. Now Sir Rebral is in jail and you’re ready for the next villain: Ratman.
  16. Return to the City Park and then go inside the public restrooms. There is a hole in the floor. Go down it and you’ll be in the city sewer system. Go to the left and you’ll see a large brown wheel for a valve.
  17. Turn the wheel and the water in the sewer will drain out, allowing you to go down further into the sewer.
  18. Head to the right and you will find another wheel. Turn this wheel and the water will rise partway. Go to the left and you will find a third wheel. Turn that and the water rises again.
  19. Now go further to the left and there will be a door you can go through. Enter it and you’ll be in Ratman’s lair.
  20. Avoid the rats and head to the top right corner of the room where you will find a red wheel. Turn it and water will pour all over Ratman and the flies that are buzzing around him. Ratman gets knocked out, but now the flies come after you. Avoid them while you make your way over to Ratman to arrest him and return him to the County Jail.
  21. Now return to City Park but this time go all the way to the right until you get to the Junkyard. Another super-villain, Crusher, is here standing on top of a huge pile of junk.
  22. In order to defeat Crusher you will need to sneak past him twice. The first time, you need to go past him to the right where you can jump up on the oil barrels. Jump onto the platform where he is and run right past him. You’ll soon be at a crane. Jump up to the cab of the crane and then pull the magnet control lever down.
  23. The crane will drop a big refrigerator on top of Crusher. But it doesn’t defeat him. Instead, he gets back up and throws the refrigerator at you, knocking you down off the crane.
  24. Now you need to sneak past Crusher again while avoiding the huge oil barrels he throws at you. Get back up to the crane and then pull the magnet lever again.
  25. The magnet will pick up Crusher and then squash him like a pancake. You can now safely arrest him and send him back to prison!
  26. Return to the starting area and when you pass the phone booth, it will be ringing. When you answer the phone, you’ll be given a new super power: the ability to fly! When you click on the little icon in the lower-left corner, you can fly up in the air.
  27. Go to Downtown and then fly up to the top of the huge Skyscraper. Keep heading up and you’ll find the last super-villain here. It’s Betty Jetty and she’ll be standing on top of the antenna at the top of the building.
  28. Betty Jetty will taunt you and then fly away.
  29. Using your flight power, chase after Betty Jetty.
  30. Betty Jetty will throw lots of energy balls at you to try and knock you back down to the ground. The trick is to stay behind her while dodging everything she throws at you.
  31. Each time you dodge her attack, you’ll get a little closer and eventually you will be close enough to capture her.
  32. When you capture her, she taunts you again, but then there’s a big surprise. Ned Noodlehead, the guy from the Comic Book Shop, appears and knocks her over. Now you can arrest her and send her back to jail.
  33. When you talk to the prison warden, he says that Ned Noodlehead is the hero and gives him the medallion, even though you did most of the work!
  34. You can get Ned to trade you the island medallion by giving him a hot dog. Go to City Park and talk to the hot dog vendor. He’ll give you a hot dog.
  35. Take the hot dog back to the Comic book shop and talk to Ned. He’ll give you the medallion as a trade. You’ve now completed Super Power Island!
Poptropica Hot Dog Vendor

A hot dog makes everything all right.