Early Poptropica Walkthrough

The first island of Poptropica is called Early Poptropica. To get started, head right on Main Street until you get to a sign that says “Early Poptropica.” Click on the sign and you’ll be transported to the island.

Look for some funny-looking guys to the right – these are the Poptropica settlers. Click on them to talk to them. The third one on the right will tell you about a missing pig, and the man by the well will tell you about his missing bucket.

Next, climb the nearby rope and the fellow at the top will say he lost his flag. After that, climb back down to the well and head inside the well. You’ll want to make your way to top left corner where there’s a glow stick. Get the glow stick then head back the way you came to climb up the rope.

Go back to Main Street towards your left and find the manhole in the ground. It’s to the left of the Soda Pop Shop. Climb down the rope and work your way to the bottom right corner. There you’ll find the settler’s pig. Be careful not to touch any of the spiders! They’ll knock you away.

After you get the pig at the bottom, go all the way to the left past the big spider down there. Keep going left until you get to a dark area. Your glow stick will come in handy here. Walk to the far left, then climb up the first rope. On the second platform, head all the way to the right and go up the rope next to the far right wall.

Head left on the third platform, take the next rope, then head left again. You’ll see the golden egg waiting for you here on the fourth platform.

Now make your way back the way you came. Back on Main Street, travel left to the Poptropica Towers. When you see the brown building, jump on the ledges until you reach the top. Then walk off the right side of the building. You’ll be swung on the clothes line over to a statue.

From the statue, jump to the red building on the left. Then jump off the left side of the red roof and use the clothes line to get onto the ledge of the blue building. Jump to the top of the blue building and head up the vine in between the tables.

Once you’re in the clouds, walk to the right until you get to the giant’s feet. Click on him to give him the golden egg. He will then lift his club so you can proceed to the right.

Keep going right until you see a gardening ho. Jump onto the handle and walk up it . Then jump onto the green vine and walk up that. Keep walking until you reach the end, then fall off onto the big pumpkin, watermelon and tomato below. At the bottom, you’ll see a water bucket. Walk over it and it will be added to your stuff.

Head to the right again and keep walking until you get to the spaceship and toxic cans. Jump on the cans and then onto the big airship. Jump onto the propellors to fly over the plane’s nose, and then the rocket to the right. On the other side of the rocket, you’ll find a jet pack on a yellow round table. Walk over it.

Use your jet pack to fly back to the left. Point your mouse up to fly higher over objects. Keep going left until you pass the giant again, then head down the vine and back down the buildings to the right, until you get back to Main Street.

Keep going right until you see the gray water tower next between the Pop Shop and the Arcade. Use your jet pack to fly to the top of the water tower and grab the flag up there.

Now go to the right towards Early Poptropica. Keep going right until you get to the third settler who lost his pig. Click on him to return his pig.

Next go to the settler to the right of the well and return his water bucket by clicking on him. After that, climb up the rope to the right and click on the settler to return the signal flag.

Finally, climb down the rope and walk to the right over to the settler on the ship. Click on him and he will reward you with a gold medallion for completing the island and 100 store credits. Well done!

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