Cheats for Reality TV Island

Reality TV Island is a town where all the citizens are obsessed with reality television. They watch it constantly and the town hero is Bucky Lucas, who is famous for being a runner-up on the show. In Reality TV Island, you’ll first try to complete an application to be on the show and then you’ll compete in seven different events as you try to beat the other contestants and claim the championship. This step-by-step guide will show you how to complete the first part of Reality TV Island, where you complete the application and get on the show. Plenty of cheats and tips are provided for the different mini-games that you play during the competition. With these cheats for Reality TV Island, you’ll have a great chance of winning the show!

Mike's Market in Reality TV Island

Everyone on the island loves their reality TV.

Getting onto the Show

  1. The first thing you should do when you arrive is to go into the TV store on the right. Go to the very top and click on the huge TV on the highest platform. A short little advertisement for Reality TV Island will show and it will display the address to send applications.
  2. Go outside the TV shop and then walk to the left and go inside Mike’s Market.
  3. Jump over the shopping carts on the right and go talk to the guy standing there holding the magazine. He’ll say that there’s only 24 hours until the show and then he’ll run off, dropping the magazine. Walk over the magazine to pick it up.
  4. Open the magazine and click on the application inside to tear it out and put it in your backpack.
  5. Note the phone number for the pizza delivery place: 555-PETE.
  6. Leave the market and go left to the motel. Go inside the motel office, walk to the right, and get a pen from the cup on top of the desk. It will go into your backpack.
  7. Now click on the phone and dial the number for the pizza place: 555-PETE. When you place the order, tell them to deliver it to room 4B.
  8. Go outside and the pizza delivery person is there. A fun thing to do here is to costumize the pizza delivery person to get the outfit, but you don’t have to do this. Click on the pizza delivery person to talk and offer to deliver the pizza yourself.
  9. Delivering Pizza in Reality TV Island

    Pizza delivery!

  10. Go up to room 4B and knock on the door. It will open so then go inside.
  11. Bucky Lucas is here. Click on him and tell him how you really want to win the grand prize. He’ll tell you that fame has its price but will give you a stamp for your application.
  12. Leave the motel and run right until you get to the blue mailbox. Click on the application in your backpack and fill out the form. Then click on the stamp in your backpack and the Use button to place it on the application.
  13. Finally, click on the blue mailbox to mail the application.
  14. The screen will go dark and then tell you it is the next day. You’ll be standing by the motel and a helicopter is waiting on the roof to take you to the competition. You’re a contestant on the show!
Reality TV Island Helicopter

Flying off to compete on the show.

Competing in Reality TV Island

Now the competition part begins. Each “day” there will be a contest and the winner gets immunity when the voting round happens. During the voting round, everyone can try to vote off another contestant. You cannot vote against the person who won immunity. So it’s a huge advantage to try and win immunity each time. If you are voted off, you have to start the show all over again.

Poptropica Reality TV Competition

Day 1 of the competition begins.

There are a lot of different contests in Reality TV Island and you won’t play all of them in a single competition. Some are determined just by luck and there’s not much you can do, but some are very strategic and there are plenty of cheats and tips for winning them. Here are a few strategies to help you beat Reality TV Island.

Pole Climb

The goal here is to get to the top first. Just switch between the poles on your left and right to avoid falling objects. It’s best to stay on the middle two poles and away from the sides whenever possible.

Shot Put

This is a lot like all those aiming games on MiniClip and Addicting Games. Click once to select your angle. You should aim for a 45-degree angle if possible. Then click a second time when the power meter is completely full to launch your rock farther than everyone else. You’ll win every time if you get these two things right.

Hang Glider

The last person to fall from the sky is the winner. Stay low to avoid most of the birds, but remember to go very high when you see a volcano appear or you’ll get sprayed by the lava!

Boulder Push

This game is all about clicking as fast as you can to get your boulder across the finish line first. A good tip is to hold your mouse steady with one hand while you pound away on the button with a finger from your other hand. Speed wins here!