Cheats for Red Dragon Island

In Red Dragon Island you travel back in time to Ancient Japan with the kids from the Magic Tree House book series. You’ll go up against the powerful shogun, who has captured your friends, forcing you to rescue them. Along the way, you’ll train to be a ninja and even participate in a sumo wrestling match! Here is the full step-by-step walkthrough for Red Dragon Island.

Poptropica Red Dragon Island

At the beginning of Red Dragon Island in Poptropica

  1. Turn to the right until you get to the next place and wait jack and Annie walk to the left and go to the swing and get the round swing by jumping on it.
  2. Now go to the left with the wheel, and get until you there at the woods.
  3. Now let the wheel fall down to the heel and always hold it until you get to the tree with a ladder on the top. And get the jack glasses near to the tree.
  4. Jump to the ladder and enter to the tree house. And you will find to 2 kids jack and Annie.
  5. Use the eyeglass and give it to jack.
  6. While Annie’s talking get the book on the left of your screen and pick it up. The Frog Creek Pennsylvania: House Town USA.
  7. Ask Annie how it works and get the book on the right side of your screen and pick it up it is “A journey to Old Japan”.
  8. Now click your backpack and click the Journey to Old Japan then You, Annie and Jack will go to the old Japan.
  9. Now get out on the tree house and talk to Annie and Jack, and they will give you a magic amulet.
  10. Now go ahead to the left follow them until you will find some soldier and they will catch you and put you into jail. Talk to the man on the jail and use the magic amulet to go back to the tree housand walk again to the left. And enter to the house of the bonsai tree, then ask the man and pick up the kimonos customize. Then use the kimonos outfit and inside of the kimonos pocket there is a passport get it and walk to the left and get out to the store.
  11. Now you can walk on the street just when you get your passport.
  12. Now when you get to the left you will see Jack and Annie and they will catch them coz they don’t have a passport.
  13. Now go ahead to the left follow the guards, until you get to the market then ask the man with a hat and go move to the left and get the Rotten Fish near to the stairs. And go up to the stairs and enter the castle.
  14. Now once you’re inside talk to the guard and walk to your right side of your screen and a "Parchment “will drop, and get it and read it. It is a letter from Annie and wants to help them. Once you read it go out to the castle and walk to the left side of your screen until you reach the place where you can see a mountain on the background. Get “Bag of Mortal”.
  15. Once you get it walk to the right side of the screen and talk to the soldier with five person on him. Then arrange the suspect in the correct order. You can do it by clicking on the suspect, then talk to the soldier again and he will give you a “Betting Slip"
  16. Now get back to the right on the bridge and near to the old man use the Bag of Mortal and talk to him. And he will ask you to play a game just use the bricks to put on the wall. Once you finish it, a fat samurai will run and he will drop a "Bonsai Scissors” when you get it go on to the right and go down to the rocky hills and go to the boat of a man and use the Rotten Fish.
  17. You will play a game here you must catch a Kappa, to get it use bee house and point it on your net and get some fire to the woods and when a fish appears on your back , click it and put it on your net.
  18. Now go back to the Bonsai Tree house. Talk to the man again and he will give you a test, you must copy the picture on a bonsai tree by using the Bonsai Scissors.
  19. Go back to the right on the third place and enter to the place where there are lots of samurai and ninja. Then on your right side you will see the fat man, offer your help.
  20. Just copy the lines of the left side paper on your right side paper, just write as accurate as you can.
  21. Once you finish go to the right and ask the fat man seating on the wall and offer your help. And he will ask you to take his place by fighting on a sumo match just jump whenever you see him “grrrr”.
  22. And when your opponent walk out to the fight some soldier will talk to you and want to catch you but Basho will talk to them, and go out to the house and fallow Basho to his house. Then he will train you more and he will put all the tools you need in your bag. Use the ninja outfit on your backpack. Once you finish the training wait for the final training. To finish the training you just have to follow what Basho say’s and the final training is to put the rocks on the right order.
  23. And now you’re ready to save your friends, and to bring Shogun to Basho.
  24. Now go on to the right until you get to the castle where you find’s Annie’s letter.
  25. Go to the right and use the rocks, the walls to climb up into the top. Use the rope or crawl to the rocks, be care full on the woods that will crash you when you take a wrong move.
  26. When get to the top, your mission is to get the key and unlocked the padlock on the castle. Use the ninja eyes to see your enemies, the key and the padlock room. And use some bombs so they won’t see you and your stars to cut some rope so you can go on. And when you find a letter of Haiko get it.
  27. And go to the second room, and get the key and the letter of Haiku. And go to the padlock room. In this room you should use your stars to break the glass.
  28. On the third room just use the stars to cut some ropes so you can go on, and use you ninja eyes to get the key and go to the next room.
  29. And on the last room you will see Shogun and your friends use your stars to cut the rope on Jack and Annie’s cage.
  30. And when they get out the cage some fire will drop and you have to fallow Annie’s suggestion, and when you get to the snow place you will see the dragon throwing some fire. You have to fight to the dragon and you have to climb on the rocks and be care full of the fire and climb to Begin to Red Dragon Battle.
  31. You will use the blue dragon to save the city by droping some snow whenever the red dragon drops his fire. And when you finish this you will save the city from fire.
  32. And when it is finish you will see Basho and shogun meet and reveal that they are brothers, and they will start to begin to build the city again.
  33. Use the magic amulet to come back to your place.
  34. And finally Annie will give you a Island medallion. Congratulations!!!
Midnight Red Ninja Outfit

The Midnight Red Ninja costume in Poptropica for members only.