Cheats for Mystery Train Island

Cheats for Mystery Train Island

When you fall into the hill on the Mystery Train Island, go down from your left and run until you see a train going to Chicago, you will see a man that is loaded with bags that wish to put his luggage into the train. Try to help him click on the luggage pieces to swap them then click on the board to test the ramp. Tip: the bags will form a ladder from smaller to bigger bags. Once you succeed in helping him, he will ask you to go to Chicago along with him, agree to go with him and get the train ticket. To ride to the train the entrance gate in on your right side near to the man that has a big black hat.

When you get to the train, you will see the black man on your left side that has full of charcoal, walk until you get to the boarding area, but look at the guy with worried face and ask him if you can help him. He will tell you something and get the telegram that he has. Now run to the left side to the cart of the train the vip car 1. Then talk to the guy, and enter to Ms. Susan B. Anthony’s room when you the lady with black dress, talk to her and she will give you a pamphlet. Go to your left until you reach to the luggage car go to left to enter vip car2 of the train you will see a pencil on the table get it near to the Thomas Edison room and enter to Mr. Thomas room and then go to the next room to Le Monde Reporter’s room and talk to the lady with a nice outfit then she will give you a newspaper Le Monde Newspaper. Then enter to Mr. Twain’s room then go back to Mr. Thomas room to see the picture on the machine. But here is the problem, when the train comes to the tunnel the lights turn off and when the lights came back the machine was gone.

Ask all passengers about the machine even the reporter about the problem, because every person on the train is a suspect of stealing the machine. Go on each room to ask everyone if they now about the machine, once you see Mr. Mark Twain room’s and ask him and click the continue to make a conversation with him and find the secret compartment, if you haven’t seen it go out. When you are all out on the train ask the three gentleman if they know about the machine and once you get all on the board, ask the all the passenger that you may see even on each room. When you go back to Mr. Edison’s room look at the floor and put it on your list that there is a prune juice fell down on the floor, ask Mr. Edison’s about it and the Le Monde Reporter if they know about the prune juice. When you reach to the dining car area asks the waiter on the train and he will tell you and give you evidence who ordered a prune juice. Knowing that there is a drops of prune juice on the door of Mr. Edison’s now get the paper on the waiter or the porter’s table again use the pencil on your bag and scratch the paper then you will see who ordered the prune juice. If Mr. Tesla doesn’t want to talk to you, then go to the luggage area, for you to make it clear the luggage has marks of coal, which means you have to talk to the coal man in the coal area. Now confirm it by asking again the porter or the waiter if the coal man tell the truth. If the coal man is not the thief, then who stole it?

Go back to the luggage area and you may see again the Le Monde Reporter ask her what her idea is, and go to the porter closet on the luggage and change your outfit as a porter to go to Mr. Tesla’s room. Once you’re in Mr. Tesla’s room assist him to drink plenty of prune juice, so he may go out to take a bathroom, for you to find the key on the luggage. Clue it is on the cabin near on the clothes. If you find the key before Mr. Tesla arrive get the key and go back to the luggage area to open the luggage. Now talk to the porter and he will help you give the machine to Mr. Edison. When Mr. Tesla’s catch the security guard, the problem is that he did not know why it was there. The mystery in the train who’s the one, put the machine on Mr. Tesla’s luggage?

Ask Mr. Edison about it if you get the evidence showing that Mr. Tesla is innocent from the machine by taking a picture that Mr. Tesla is blameless. Talk to Mr. Tesla to finish this problem, but the securities put him into the coal man area, and don’t allow anyone to talk to him. Here is the tip, at the luggage area there is a way to get on the top of the train and go there and find a way to get into Mr. Tesla’s area, but be careful on the roof, and do it fast! I have a lot trouble in this part. You have talk to Mr. Tesla, use the pencil to make him draw something and get it. Take the paper and go back in his room and mark what you see and what the difference between the drawing and the room is. When you found the difference, go back to Mr. Tesla place on the coal man area to tell him that there is different on the drawing. And ask him to confirm that the box is open and somebody still his invention, ask the entire passenger about the box that was opened. Once you ask Mr. Eric the man with sunglass ask him to about it the go and find a passenger to ask about it even the NY Reporter and he will tell you about what something bothering him about Mr. Eric at the newspaper. Then go back to Mr. Eric’s room and get the Lock Pick Bag inside his room and ask and show him the newspaper about him. Chase Mr. Eric on the top of the roof until both of you arrives at the freight car.

When you get to Mr. Eric and use the scissor on your bag to cut the curtain. You have to save Mr. Eric to find who the real thief is.

Make sure you use the correct screw when touching each battery, and make it faster as much as possible and read the instructions to unlock all the locked keys. Once you talk to Mr. Eric about who is the real thief, go back to Mr. Tesla. Talk to Mr. Tesla and use the Lock Pick Bag to unlock Mr. Tesla from handcuffs. Get the Transformer sketch to find the thief. And go back to Mr. Twain to tell you who can help you. And ask every person that you may see going to your left side of your screen.

Go to the left and you will see Mr. Grover Cleveland, he help you to collect and correct all the evidence that you have and will give you the idea who is the real thief, this takes a long conversation between you and Mr. Grover Cleveland. Go back to the luggage car and open the box with a coal mark with the key that you have on your bag. Once you open the box take off the handkerchief on it and look at the things inside it use this as your evidence who own the box. And go back to and ask Mr. Gustave on the VIP Car 1 he will tell you very important thing. That El Monde Reporter is the thief, who wants to destroy the Ferris wheel. Here is the game you have to catch the El Monde Reporter but she will use the lions and other performers to get you out of her way. Tip: Stay near at the mouth of the lions and jump over them after they eat something, and avoid the fire, snake, knifes, make it sure you jump over the curtain roof of each building for you not to get hit. And the lass part is jump on the cover of the trashcan where the cobra is.

Now enter to left way where the Ferris wheel is, watch out for the reporter she will try to get some help to the police to catch you. Tip: jump on the lights to stay away from them until you get to the last monument, and when it fall down go to the left side to chase the reporter. Chase her and use the rope to get up into the Ferris Wheel. She’ll fall into a box use the rope near the Ferris wheel to go on the other side of it. When both of you get up to the Ferris wheel, use the rope on your side to catch the transformer. Get closer to her then she will fall down to the water, were she will lock up. And she give the transformer, then talk to Mr. Grover Cleveland and he will give you an Island Medallion.

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