Cheats for Mythology Island

Poptropica Mythology Island

Become a God, or at least get the powers of one in Poptropica Mythology Island

Mythology Island is a very exciting adventure where you undertake a quest from none other than Zeus himself, king of the Gods. In this quest, you need to locate five items that Zeus wants. In return, he promises you immortality. Along the way, you’ll meet many of the Gods and creatures from Greek Mythology, and encounter some big challenges and nasty surprises along the way. This guide will show you how to beat Mytho

logy Island. It will reveal many of the Mythology Island cheats and secrets. It is easier than you think and you should not have very much trouble.

Step-by-Step Guide to Mythology Island

  1. Head to Mythology Island. Proceed towards the Grove of Temples. Enter the closest temple you see. Go to the right inside the temple and click on the reed pipe. Go back to the hall and look for the statue holding a reed pipe. She’ll have you attempt her test and then will coach you on a song which will later on let Cerberus to sleep.
  2. Go outside and then go to the Museum of Olympus. They will show you a short story on the wall that covers the clash between the Greek Gods—the brothers Zeus, Poseidon and Hades. Go towards hall containing the gods’ statues. Look for the statue on top of Aphrodite and get the starfish covering Poseidon’s face.
  3. Go outside and head left for the Tree of Immortality. Climb up the stairs as well as the wooden boards. Go up the branches and snakes on the satyr. He tells you to acquire his 10 jars of honey in 60 seconds. Immediately after you accomplish his task, he will display you a secret path. Go up the path and get the apple by stomping about the branch. The satyr will suddenly leave.
  4. Zeus will descend and command you to have the 5 Sacred Items. Right after he leaves a scroll will appear. Your epic quest has now started.
  5. Go down the stairs and you is going to be greeted by Athena. She will provide her wisdom by telling you about the olive trees.
  6. Go on the left and you’ll meet the Sphinx. Then go up, pull all of the levers and push the many wooden bridges. Go again towards Sphinx and you will have the first Sacred Item. Go back up a little until finally the thing is pomegranates. Click within the shrub to have them.
  7. The next item to obtain is the Minotaur’s ring. Head up towards left to see the closed gate. Head over to your inventory and make use of the reed pipe. Play the notes around the gate and it will open.
  8. Minotaur in Mythology Island

    Inside the Minotaur's lair in Mythology Island.

  9. Talk to the Minotaur and he will tell you to go inside his Labyrinth. When you go inside, Athena will help you with a Golden String so you won’t get lost.
  10. When you see the ghost, jump up a level and then remove 6 bones to spell the word ten and the gate opens up. Head down and dodge the scorpion. Find your way to an additional passageway.
  11. Here you’ll see painting on the Minotaur with holes. Start the puzzle and then click on the red-eyed snake 3 times. Right after you solve it, the gate opens for the final exit and you may acquire the second Sacred Item.
  12. Go out and go again for the Grove of Temples. Go either to Hades’ temple or Poseidon’s first.
  13. Poseidon: Go in his temple and make use of the starfish around the altar. You may obtain access to Poseidon’s beach. Talk to Triton. Then drop by Aphrodite. She provide you with her magic mirror if you pass her test with the diverse names of Greek Gods. Answers: Ares, Hermes, Aphrodite, Artemis, Hestia
  14. Poseidon in Mythology Island

    Hanging out with Poseidon in his underwater realm.

  15. Then you want to swim until you see Poseidon’s statue and dive. Appear to the pearl then go inside the cave and defeat the Hydra. When its eyes pop out jump as higher as you’ll be able to and position yourself to land on a single of it’s heads. Repeat this until you receive 5 heads done. Then click on it to have it’s scale fourth Sacred Item.
  16. Hades: Go outside Hades’ temple and guide the worker get rid off the graffiti. He provide you with one Drachma. Go within and use the pomegranates around the altar. When you go inside, you’ll see a hole. Fall into the pit, and you’ll go for the River Styx. Go within the boat, and tell Charon you’re ready.
  17. Hades in Mythology Island

    Hades in Mythology Island after he lends you his crown to help defeat Zeus.

  18. When there are falling rocks, go on the farthest you possibly can to the left without falling off. While you see the fiery skull, wait to the correct moment and jump over it. As for that crocodile, jump as high as you are able to and aim to land at the proper on the boat.
  19. Then when you have to get past Cerberus, play him the song Euterpe taught you. He will fall asleep and then you can get just one of his whiskers.
  20. Use the mirror of Aphrodite to go outside Mount Olympus click for Zeus’ realm.
  21. From this point, go back again to Athena and notify her you got all the products. She will then tell you the danger of getting those five items.
  22. As soon as you learn of the danger, Zeus will appear and steal the items.
  23. Then Athena will help you again and tell you to try and convince Hercules to assist you in getting the items back.
  24. Go find Hercules in his place on Main Street and talk to him to get him to join you on your quest and help.
  25. You can to use the special mirror that Aphrodite gave to you. Head over to Poseidon and Hercules will stomp on some rocks to make a passageway for you to Poseidon’s temple. Soon after you speak with Poseidon, he provides you with his Trident.
  26. Next, head to Hades. Hercules will push the boulder away. Go within and talk to Hades. He gives you his crown.
  27. Next, use the mirror to go to Zeus. Hercules smashes open the locked gate. After you go inside, Hercules is going to be turned into stone by Medusa. Poor Hercules!
  28. Hercules statue in Mythology Island

    Poor Hercules! That horrible Medusa turned him to stone!

  29. Next go down the little hill and pay Aeolus a single drachma for getting a wind bag.
  30. Make use of the time of flying for getting as high as it is possible to. In case you fail, it is possible to usually get a refill. when you land inside correct spot, the patch of land proper above you has Zeus’ statue.
  31. Then go up, up, up towards maroon mist, then go up again. You will arrive within the throne room of Zeus. Go past the statues of Zeus to turn around the lights. Then Zeus will appear. Soon after he’s made his speech, you will transform by utilizing Hades’ Crown and Poseidon’s Trident. Then you and Zeus will battle.
  32. Here is how to win the final battle with Zeus. Hit him as much as you are able to until finally he becomes electrically charged and sends puffs of light at you. Whenever you see him glow, get as far as you are able to from him and approach him slowly. If you see the puffs of light coming at you, just dodge them until it is possible to hit Zeus once more.
  33. Right after you have beaten Zeus, Athena will give you the island medallion and 100 Poptropica Credits.
Poptropica Mythology Medallion

The medallion is yours once you beat Poptropica Mythology Island

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