Cheats for Astro-Knights Island

Poptropica Cheats for Astro-Knights

Queen in Astro-Knights

The queen sends you on your quest in Astro Knights Island.

A princess has been kidnapped and you must rescue both her and the three knights who have already tried and failed. This is how Astro-Knights Island begins. But this is no ordinary princess rescue quest. This one takes place in outer space and your journey will take you across the galaxy in an epic adventure from planet to planet. The quest begins on Arturus, a medieval-stye kingdom. From here you’ll visit many strange and wonderful worlds as you rescue the three knights and eventually find the princess and confront her kidnapper. Here are all the cheats for Astro-Knights along with tips, strategies and secrets. Use this guide to learn how to beat Astro-Knights Island and save the princess.

  • As soon as you arrive in Astro-Knights Island, head to the right. There’s a fountain here. Jump on it to get the coin that is hidden inside.
  • Go inside the first building, called the House of Mordred and talk to the guy. Use your coin and he will take it.
  • Click on any one of the books and the guy will give you a library slip.
  • Go outside and run all the way to the right. Go all the way to the right again and you will arrive at the Castle of Arturus.
  • Enter the castle through the large double wooden door.
  • Go right and walk through the door. This is the library.
  • There are two books here that you can pick up by walking over them. The first is a green book over on the left and the second is on top of a bookstand in the middle of the library.
  • After you pick up the second book in the middle of the library, you’ll find a small metal plate that says, “MCM.” Click on the brick behind it and a secret entrance to a room below will be revealed.
  • Go downstairs and get the moldy cheese. Then go to the handle on the wall and flip it to open a secret grate in the cell with the robot. If you click on the robot he says something with all 1s and 0s.
  • Go back upstairs to the library. The librarian is pretty angry with you and he brought some friends. Run out of the library.
  • Go to the small door on the left and you will be in a bedroom with a girl in it. Use the moldy cheese in your backpack. There is a robotic mouse here and he will try to get the cheese and you will trap him.
  • Go to the right and there is a letter with a secret message on the chest next to the bed.
  • Leave this room and go up the staircase and then go inside the door at the top. The Queen and the King are inside this room and they are very sad because the princess has been kidnapped. Talk to the Queen and she will tell you about the three knights that were sent to rescue the princess. She will also give you the coordinates where the knights went.
  • Go back outside the castle and go right. Keep going right until you reach a new area.
  • There’s a guy here wearing a hooded robe. Talk to him and he’ll give you a bag of manure. Next, go to the right by leaping over the hay bales and then go to Ye Olde Rumor Mille. Walk inside the building and move to the left. Then jump up on top of the hay bales and head for the top by leaping onto the gears. Make your way to the right.
  • You are now on a platform with a girl. Talk to her and she will ask to trade secrets. She will take the secret message you found and then give you a piece of paper with three symbols on it. Jump down and go outside.
  • Go to the right and you will see a big wheel in the mud. Get the coil of rope on top of that wheel. Now go to the left and stand under the sign for the mill. Jump up on the sign and then get on the windmill blades to make them turn. Keep jumping on them to make them turn until the little bubble on top of the windmill roof is open. Then go inside the roof.
  • You’ll find a hovercraft here that has run out of power. But it will power back up with an organic source! Use the manure you got from the peasant outside and then the hovercraft will fly up and out of this room. Go back out there and you’ll see it waiting for you outside.
  • You can wait to use the hovercraft until later. For now, return to the castle.
  • Go to the front of the main door to the castle and then jump up so that you’re climbing the windows. Keep jumping until you arrive at a large platform that has a huge bow and arrow on it. Remember that coil of rope you found? Use it here and it will be attached to the arrow. Next, point the arrow up and to the left and then shoot it. The arrow will fly through the air and get stuck in the door of the tower up to the left. Jump up on the rope and cross it all the way to the tower.
  • Walk a little to the left and pick up the paper that is partly inside the wooden chest. Go back outside the tower and go left to return to the fountain from the first area when you arrived.
  • In the middle of the fountain you’ll see a sign with the same symbols that were on the paper the goth girl gave to you. Click the sign. You need to click on the symbols in a very specific order: moon, planet, star. Finally, select the large sun that is in the middle. Once you do a secret door will be revealed. Go inside.
  • Talk to the guy on the right. He is the one with the funny teeth and acne. He will give you a key. Jump up onto the rope and leave the secret place.
  • Walk left to the museum and enter it. Head up to the second floor and click under the bed, where you’ll find a page from Mordred’s Journal.
  • Exit the museum and run to the right until you return to the man who gave you the bag of manure. Just next to him are two bales of hay. Push them all the way to the right then jump on top and stand in the middle of them. You will fall down. Then push the left one all the way to the left and you should reveal a secret door in the ground.
  • Use the small key in your backpack to open the secret door and then go down inside.
  • Mordred's Hideout in Astro-Knights

    Mordred's secret underground hideout in Astro-Knights Island

  • Slide down the rope and then go up to the owl. He will fly outside. Follow him out. Then use the robot mouse in your backpack and the owl will catch it. The owl his name is Merlin, btw is now your friend. If you want the owl to go somewhere, click on it and then click a second time to indicate where you want it to go.
  • Climb back down through the trap door and then walk to the left. Take Mordred’s Journal, the book you see on the chair. Keep going to the left and you will start pushing on the wall. The wall breaks and you can proceed through. There is a small hole.
  • Climb inside it and you will be in the cell with the robot. The robot will self-destruct and then a green fuel rod flies out through the bars, landing outside the cell. Click on Merlin the owl and have him pick up the fuel rod and then bring it back to you.
  • Go back through the hole and exit the secret room. Go to the right until you get to the hovercraft that you found in the mill. Jump on and go right. You’ll come up to a broken-down spaceship stuck in the mud.
  • Click on the spacecraft and you will see a control panel. Drag the green fuel rod in the bottom left corner to the bottom right corner where you see a broken one that is dripping. Then enter the coordinates for the moon that you found earlier. They are 56-52. Ready to take off? Click the red launch button and hang on!
  • Poptropica Pewter Moon

    Arrival on Pewter Moon in Astro-Knights Island

  • Your trip is short-lived and you run out of fuel quickly. Then you’ll crash on the moon. Climb out of the spaceship and go to the right. Jump up on the platform in the middle of the Astrozone building. Next, go inside. Talk to the guy on the left. Speak to him about getting off this moon. He’ll say that you need to leave your broken-down ship for scrap and then build a new one on the holopad below.
  • Go outside and click on the Holopad machine to the left. There’s a big sign over it that says, Build Your Own Rocket Here. You can design your own rocket anyway you like. The most important thing is to balance your speed and shield. It’s a little bit easier to survive the dangers of outer space with slightly more speed than shield. When you’re done customizing, click on the Done button. You’ll find your brand-new ship right there on the launch pad. Climb inside the new rocket ship.
  • Click on launch to take off into space. You have three planets that you need to visit, and you can go to them in any order. To fly the ship, just move your mouse cursor around. You can shoot your weapon by clicking. Pay attention to the coordinates in the bottom left. When you get into alien space, watch out because other ships may start to attack you.
  • Now let’s head for Jungle Planet. The coordinates for Jungle Planet are 15,15. Once you close in on Jungle Planet, an alien ship will attack. But you can escape it simply by landing on the planet.
  • After you land, leave the ship and drop down to the ground. Walk to the right and you will see a small platform with a weapon in a spotlight. Take the weapon, which turns out to be a laser lance, and put it in your backpack.
  • Laser Lance on Jungle Planet

    Finding the Laser Lance on the Jungle Planet

  • Next go to the left and jump on top of one of the flowers. They will catapult you into the air. Keep jumping until you reach your spaceship again.
  • You will see a small bug that zaps above you. Don’t get too close to the bug or you will get knocked down. Jump onto the swinging platform as it is swinging away and this way you won’t hit the bug.
  • Wait for the platform you’re on to go all the way to the right and then start swinging back. Then jump and you will land safely on the next platform. Keep doing this until you get ot a platform on the right and then jump off it. It might take a few tries to get this right. When you’re on the platform, go all the way to the right.
  • Here you’ll find Sir Cador, the green knight. He is trapped here and was not successful rescuing the princess. Talk to him and he’ll tell you that you need to get inside the cage nearby to free the unicorn and rescue the princess.
  • Click up the rope and then wait for the first egg to open. Then jump and if you timed it well, you will land on the egg when it closes again. Wait here until the next egg is open and then jump again. On this egg, jump immediately because it opens again very quickly. Jump onto the next egg and then jump onto the cage with a winged unicorn inside.
  • Click on the cage to open it and then click on the Unicorn again. The mother phoenix will approach and you will play a game where you must defeat it with the laser lance while riding the flying unicorn.
  • This game can be really hard. You need to avoid the flying bugs, rocket missiles and lightning clouds. You can shoot the bugs but just get out of the way of the storm clouds and the red phoenix missiles that come at you. After a while, the mother phoenix appears. She will open her mouth and then you need to shoot a fully charged shot from your laser lance and hit her in the head. To do a fully charged shot, click and hold your mouse button until the tip lights up green and then fire. It’s helpful to charge up your lance before she arrives each time so that you’re ready to shoot. After you shoot, get out of the way of her rocket missiles. Also, be careful because sometimes instead of appearing on the right side of the screen, she will sneak up behind you.
  • After you hit her three times in the mouth with a full charge from your lance, she will be destroyed. Once you are back in your ship, the green knight will join you on your quest. Click Launch and then press the Teleport Home button.
  • Go to the upper right to start your journey to the fire planet. It is found at coordinates 83,20. Be careful because along the way you will come close to a black hole that you must navigate around. Also, the area around the Fire Planet has space aliens who will attack you. Once you land on the planet, exit your spacecraft.
  • You will be standing outside on a platform surrounded by hot lava. If you fall into you you will be sent back to the starting platform. Move to the right, jumping from platform to platform. Note: it is always easier to jump to the next platform when it is moving downwards. This is especially true for the last platform. When you get to the final platform, wait for it to get to the top of the volcano and then jump off to the left. You’ll land at the top of the volcano crater and can then go down inside.
  • Once you’re inside the volcano, you need to make your way through the caverns while avoiding the yellow steam that goes by. If you are touched by the steam, you get sent back all the way to the beginning and have to start over again. They key here is patience. There are little alcoves along the way where you can wait safely for the steam to pass. As soon as it disappears, make your move to the next safe spot. Once you get to a larger open area, the steam stops coming. But now there is a rolling rock creature that blocks you from passing. Time your jump to go over him just as he’s rolled up into a circle and you should be able to get by. Once you get past him, you’ll meet up with the Red Knight, named Sir Pellas. He will tell you that he failed and that a beast is holding the princess. He will give you an ice arrow to slay the beast.
  • When you enter the room to the left, move quickly to the first chain and jump up and climb it to the top. Then move from chain to chain until you reach the end. Drop down and run under the dropping spike ball from the dragon’s tail. Then click on the lever to temporarily shut down the robot dragon. Move quickly to the right so that you have a clear shot to the dragon’s open mouth. Click on your ice arrow and shoot it into the dragon’s mouth. If you hit him successfully, he will turn orange and red and start jumping up and down. This will cause stalactites to start falling from the ceiling, but the dragon will stop shooting fireballs at you and his spike tail will stop working. If you move quickly enough, you can go across the chains again just watch out for the stalactites and get under him before he reactivates. Then just flip the lever, move, and shoot him again. Tip: after you flip the lever, don’t wait for the spinning cursor to stop. Move to the right immediately so you will have enough time to position and shoot the ice arrow before the dragon moves his mouth. Shoot the dragon three times to defeat him.
  • Once you beat the mechanical dragon, the red knight will come into the room with you and join you on your mission. Return to your spaceship and teleport home.
  • Head southeast to coordinates 73,83. When you arrive, you will find space sharks guarding the planet. You need to lure them into a trap. Shoot all of them to get them to follow you and then lead them to the black hole located to the north. The coordinates for the black hole are approximately 84,47. When you’re luring them away, keep them close enough to stay on screen or they will go back to guarding the ice planet.
  • Once the space sharks have been dealt with, you can land the ship on the Ice Planet. When you exit the ship, you’ll be standing on a platform above ice water. Just like the lava from the Fire Planet, if you fall into the water, you’ll be teleported back to your ship. Move from platform to platform while watching out for the flying robot fish. It’s a little tough to move from platform to platform and you will slide a bit because it’s ice. You should aim for the middle of each platform when jumping so that you don’t slide off when you land.
  • In the next part, jump up on the platforms to climb the mountain while avoiding the giant snow balls. This part is much easier than the ice platforms from before. Sir Gawain, the blue knight, is standing at the very top of the moountain. Talk to him and he will give you a special force shield. You will then have to fight a giant tiger-shaped helicopter that drops snowballs on you. Using the force field, you can bounce the snowballs back at him to damage the helicopter. You need to hit him three times. From time to time, ice shards will fly towards you and they will damage your shield, so watch out. If the shield runs out it will need to recharge and you will be defenseless for a while. Just avoid everything when this happens. After you defeat the tiger helicopter, the blue knight will appear and he will join you.
  • Go back into your ship and teleport home. Now you can go to the Crystal Gate…
  • The Crystal Gate is an asteroid at the coordinates 11,82. You can go there once you have found all three knights. The the Crystal Gate is surrounded by an asteroid belt, so you need to be careful when you get near it. Once you land exit the space craft. Climb up the crystal mountain to the top where the 3 knights are waiting. Click on the sword that is stuck in the stone. You will open a small vortex that you can enter.
  • You arrive at the castle of Mordred. Jump down to the bottom of the castle and speak with the princess. She will ask for the three powerful weapons you have brought and then she will take them from you. But once she does, she will reveal herself as Mordred in disguise! He will then laugh at you and disappear.
  • There is a wall next to you. Click on it and it will become a puzzle. When you click on a square, it will stay the same but flip over the adjacent squares. The goal is to turn over all of the pieces. It’s a little tricky, but you should be able to do this puzzle with a little experimentation and practice.
  • The next step is to take on Mordred in the final battle of the quest. This is really hard and takes place in two parts. You have a health meter and it does not recover during the battle, so you need to be good about conserving health during the whole thing. During the first part of the battle, you control Merlin, your robot owl. Watch out for the whirling saw blades that Mordred shoots at you as you fly around. The goal is to pick up the black bombs that Mordred drops on the ground and then fly above him. When they start blinking red, wait a few seconds and then release them so that they explode on him. Hit him twice and the first part of the battle is finished, but Mordred will kill Merlin the owl.
  • The second part of the battle is even tougher! Try to get Mordred close to the platform where the real princess is trapped. Then jump up on him and then up onto the platform. Stand on the edge and then do a big jump to either the left or the right. If you timed it right, you’ll land on one of the chandeliers. Now move yourself so you are in the middle. He will go underneath the chandelier and fire his laser at it. When he does this, the chandelier will fall down on top of him. Do this again with the other chandelier and then Mordred’s robot will be destroyed. He will emerge again but the princess will finish him off.
  • Once this boss battle is over, the quest is complete. You’ll receive the island medallion back at the castle.