Counterfeit Island Walkthrough

How to Beat Poptropica Counterfeit Island

In Counterfeit Island, your quest is to solve the mystery behind a plot to steal a valuable piece of art from the island’s famous art museum. The police know that someone is planning a heist, but have very few clues. In this suspenseful island quest, you’ll uncover bits and pieces of the mystery along the way, and meet many insteresting and suspicious people as you go.

  1. Travel to Counterfeit Island on your map and you’ll arrive by balloon right next to the museum.
  2. Skip the museum for now and go to the right to the Downtown area.
  3. The first store here is Bobo’s Clown Store. Go inside and click on a green balloon.
  4. Take the green balloon and go outside.
  5. Keep running to the right and you’ll end up in the country side. There is a crying boy here with a woman holding a red balloon.
  6. Click on the crying boy to give you your green balloon (this is the color he really wanted). He will take the balloon and fly away up into the air. Oops!
  7. Now run back to the left and go to Main Street.
  8. Go inside the Web Browser Internet Cafe. There’s a man with a beard here. Talk to him and he’ll tell you that he lost his tunnel tour tickets and will give you one if you can find them.
  9. Go out of the cafe and then go to the right to Downtown.
  10. There is a garbage can next to the entrance of the underground tunnel tour. Click on the can and you’ll see all the garbage inside. Click and drag each piece away from the middle and after a few seconds you will see the lost tickets. Click on them and they’ll go into your backpack.
  11. Go back to the cafe and stand next to the guy. Open your backpack, find the tickets, and click on the Use button. The guy will take the tickets but give one back to you as a reward for finding them.
  12. Now you get to go on the Underground Tour. Go out of the cafe and then go to the Downtown area. Stand next to the woman at the tour entrance. Open your backpack, click on the ticket and click the Use button.
  13. Next click on the gate to begin the underground tour.
  14. Follow the woman on the tour until you get to the part where you see a lightbulb hanging from a cable. Jump up and hold the cable and then climb up to the top.
  15. There is a piece of a torn picture to the right. Jump off and grab it because you’ll need it when you come back here later.
  16. Now keep moving and follow the stairs to end the tour.
  17. When you get outside, there is a very suspicious and strange-looking guy standing here.
  18. Click on him to talk. He’ll ask you to get a job at the museum.
  19. go to the right and you’ll find a piece of the torn picture in the sand.
  20. Head up onto the dock and go left, where you’ll find another piece of the torn picture on the mast of the ship.
  21. Now return to Main Street and jump up to the top of the museum to get yet another piece of the torn picture.
  22. There’s another piece of the torn picture up on one of the window sills above the Web Browser Internet Cafe.
  23. Now go inside the museum and find the assistant director on the stairs above the entrance and talk to him.
  24. First he’ll ask you to do a task. You need to go into each painting wing and take the painting that doesn’t belong there and move it to the wing where it is supposed to be.
  25. Here’s how to do it: Move the painting from the cubism wing to the impressionism wing. Move the painting from the impressionism wing to the expressionism wing. Move the painting from the expressionism wing to the realism wing. Move the painting from realism wing to the cubism wing. That’s it. Now go back to the assistant director.
  26. You’ll start your next assignment where you need to train. Go to the first desk and you’ll see a series of paintings. Drag the x-ray scanner over each one and find the counterfeit painting. Do the same thing again with the magnifying glass. Finally, do it one more time on the photo of the moon. On the moon one, move the cursor to the left/dark side of the moon to show it’s a fake.
  27. Go to the next desk to do the paint sample chemical test. Here you need to watch the squares to see what color they light up as. Then click the paint sample of the matching color.
  28. After you finish the training, you get the job and you receive the supply room key from the assistant director of the museum.
  29. Leave the lab and then run to the right. Follow the signs to the statue room and security office. Run through the statue room and then past the security office until you arrive at the door to the supply closet.
  30. Use the key to open the door and go inside. The last piece of the torn puzzle is here.
  31. Now go back through the statue room and into the main hall of the museum. Next leave the museum and you’ll see that it’s now night time.
  32. Go back to the docks and talk to the mysterious guy. Then go inside the underground tunnel tour.
  33. Go through the tunnel and then up the wooden ladder to the top. Click on the hatch above you and you’ll see a gargoyle stone. Click and drag the pieces of the gargoyle face until they match the assembled torn picture exactly. The door will open and you’ll be inside the supply closet.
  34. Now go back through the statue room, taking care to avoid the red lasers. They won’t set off the alarm if you’re hiding behind something (like a statue) when they go past.
  35. Go to the middle of the museum where the painting of the Scream is on display. Click on the light fixture above and you’ll climb up.
  36. Oh no! The alarm goes off and you are caught by the security forces. You’ve been framed.
  37. You’ll wake up in jail and the Inspector is there. She gives you a lie detector test. Answer all the questions as truthfully as you can.
  38. The inspector will realize you are innocent and then asks you to meet her in the security office.
  39. On your way back to the museum, stop in Bobo’s Clown store. The security guard is in here. Talk to him and he’ll give you his timecard. Then head out and back to the museum.
  40. Go into the security office inside the museum.
  41. Click on the computer to view the security footage. Because you have the timecard, it will skip right to the part when he was on break.
  42. You’ll get a surveillance print of the mysterious guy with the hat and sunglasses walking right up to the painting of the Scream.
  43. Talk to the inspector. She’ll tell you to show the picture to people in town.
  44. Go back to the outside of the clown store and show the picture to the mimes who are performing there. They will recognize the guy and pantomime playing music. They’re trying to tell you to look inside the jazz club.
  45. Go into the jazz club and you’ll see the mysterious guy standing right there. Click on him to talk and then he’ll run away and you can chase after him.
  46. Now you’ll be on a scooter chase across the island. All you have to do here is avoid the obstacles. Keep an eye out for balloon boy flying in the sky in the background.
  47. When you get to the docks, the guy jumps off his scooter and gets away on a boat. But he drops something!
  48. Pick up the thing he dropped. It’s a key card with a picture of a black widow spider on it.
  49. Now go back to Main Street and go into the museum.
  50. The assistant director of the museum is here and he says a package was delivered for you. It has a painting inside. Click on it to examine it.
  51. Use the x-ray scanner to read a secret message. It’s from the curator and you need to meet her in Early Poptropica!
  52. Go outside and walk to the right. Get in your balloon and go to Early Poptropica island.
  53. When you arrive, go to the left and walk inside the Pop Art museum.
  54. The curator is an elderly lady on the left. Talk to her and she’ll give you a key.
  55. Go back to Counterfeit Island on your balloon and when you arrive, head to the right to the countryside.
  56. The key unlocks the inspector’s cottage. Use the key to unlock the door and go inside.
  57. Walk to the left and jump up onto the loft above. Click on the splotchy painting and it will reveal the stolen painting underneath! But then everything goes black and you are knocked out.
  58. When you come to, you are in an underground room, tied to a chair. The Black Widow is here and it turns out she is the Inspector! She asks you some questions and then leaves.
  59. The mysterious guy with the hat and sunglasses is here too. He tells you to move your chair closer to him so that he can untie you both. Move your chair by rocking back and forth with the mouse. When you get close enough, he’ll free you both.
  60. Follow him to the right and go through the door.
  61. Jump up on the platforms and stay away from the Black Widow’s guards. At the very top, jump on the couch just as the guard walks away to get to the security door. When you’re there, use the key card you found at the docks to get inside.
  62. This is the final boss battle. The Black Widow is up top and the mysterious guy runs over to a platform/lift. He tells you to turn the crank to get him to the top so he can catch her.
  63. But the Black Widow starts throwing down artwork and you need to catch it to keep her from destroying it. If she destroys $1 million worth of art, you lose and have to start over.
  64. After you catch 4 items in a row, she’ll get really mad and stop throwing for a second. That gives you enough time to run over and turn the crank a few turns. But watch out because then she’ll throw a bomb. Get out of the way fast!
  65. Keep repeating and eventually you’ll get the lift high enough for the mysterious guy to get to Black Widow and capture her. She’ll be arrested and sent to jail.
  66. The curator will appear with you in the Web Browser cafe above the hideout. She’ll tell you to meet her at the museum.
  67. Go to the museum and the curator reveals a secret. All the most famous art is hidden here in secret! And because you stopped the Black Widow, she’ll give you the island medallion!

The full video walkthrough of Poptropica Counterfeit Island is also available. There are four parts because it’s a pretty long island. You can watch them in order to see how to do all the parts of Counterfeit Island, including the big finale scene where you take on the criminal mastermind.

You can play Counterfeit Island right now if you get an Early Access pass from the Poptropica Store. It costs 500 credits, which you can buy or earn if you do all the Islands. If you follow some of the other island walkthroughs here on the site, you can earn 500 credits pretty quickly. Remember that if you’ve solved them already, you can just start a new character and do them again to get 500 credits really fast. If you finish the island during the early access period, you get 200 credits as a reward. This complete Counterfeit Island Walkthrough will help you get those credits back quickly!

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