Cheats for Wild West Island

In Wild West Island, you’re the new marshal in town and it’s your job to save the citizens from the bandit Mustachio Grande and his group of outlaws. You need to travel to several different small towns on the map to learn how to find Mustachio’s hideout and put him back in jail. There are a lot of different mini-games to play and really cool places to explore. Here are all the cheats for Wild West Island including the full video walkthrough that shows how to beat Wild West Island quickly.

Wild West Island Video Walkthrough

Check out the 4-part video walkthrough of Wild West Island from Poptropica Secrets.

Screenshots from Wild West Island

Danger in the Mine

There's danger down there deep in the underground mine.

Riding in the river in Wild West Island

Riding along the river in Wild West Island

Inside the Casino in Wild West Island

Standing inside the casino in Wild West Island

Boarding the Train in Diamond Plains

Boarding the Train in Diamond Plains