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Rhino Costume in Store

There haven’t been a lot of new costumes in the Poptropica Store lately, but one just showed up. It’s the Rhino costume and the Poptropica Creators say its themed for Survival Island. That sounds like a sneak peek because we haven’t seen any rhinos on Survival Island! The Rhino costume is for members only.

Mission Atlantis is the Next Island

Mission Atlantis will be the next island in Poptropica. It is the second episodic island, coming out straight after Survival Island. Poptropica is changing the way they do islands. Instead of launching one big island adventure at once, they’re releasing episodes of many different islands over time. In Survival Island, you played the first chapter, […]

Poptropica is on the iPad

Hey, so this is pretty big news. Poptropica is now available on the iPad. You can play the game from your iPad device after downloading the Poptropica iPad app. Right now, there are only two islands available to play. They are the classic Time Tangled Island and 24 Carrot Island, but more will be coming […]

Poptropica Friends Announced

On Friday, Poptropica announced a new feature that will be coming soon called Poptropica Friends. It means you can be friends with other players that you meet in Poptropica. This includes people you already know and people that you meet in the multi-player/common rooms. Once someone is your friend, you can connect with them to […]

Twisted Thicket Coming Next Week

Thursday, April 12th will be the release day for Poptropica Twisted Thicket Island. Read all about it here and then check out the trailer and other cheats for Twisted Thicket here.

Noses in Poptropica

The Poptropica Creators played a little April Fool’s joke this weekend by announcing that all characters in Poptropica would get noses whether they wanted one or not. It’s easy to overlook, but a distinguishing feature of Poptropicans is that they have no noses (really! look and see!) It was just a joke, kind of. On […]

S.O.S Island Coming Soon

The Poptropica Creators announced another new island just before leaving on vacation. The new island will we called S.O.S. Island and it will take place on a whale-watching cruise ship that sinks in the North Atlantic ocean — kind of like the Titanic! Once the island is released, you will be able to get the […]

Game Show Robot Costume

Check. It. Out. New costume in Poptropica for members only this week. It is called the Game Show Robot and it’s in the Store but you have to be a member to get it. It’s here to celebrate tomorrow’s launch of Game Show Island. The new costume is a very slick robot outfit ¬†with a […]

Mystery Train Island for Everyone

Mystery Train Island is now available for everyone to play. Hop on board the train, which is headed from Washington, D.C. to Chicago for the 1893 World’s Fair, featuring the fabulous Ferris Wheel. You’ll meet several celebrities on board including Thomas Edison, Mark Twain and even Harry Houdini, the famous magician and escape artist. Someone […]

Money Ladder Cheats and Help

The special sneak peek for Game Show Island is a mini-game called Money Ladder. It’s a trivia game show that is a lot like the popular TV game show called Who Wants to Be a Millionaire. There are 12 questions in three rounds of four. Each question has four multiple choice answers and you need […]