Mythology Island

Poptropica Mythology Island came out today for paid members. This is a really great new island where you encounter a lot of the Greek Gods and other creatures from Mythology. You’ll go on a task that Zeus gives you to obtain five important items and you have to defeat many creatures and solve puzzles along the way. There’s even a big final battle against mighty Zeus himself. This is a really fun island and if you’re a paid member on Poptropica, you can play it right now. If you’re not a paid member, you have to wait until the early access period is over and the island opens up for everyone. That will happen on April 29.

Here I am after defeating Zeus and saving Poptropica. Lion costume FTW!

Winning Mythology Island in Poptropica

Rawr! I beat Zeus and saved Poptropica!

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  1. can you please post the video i am stuck on the thread and the bones!

  2. Me too PLZ PLZ POST A VIDEO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Hey dude!

    Like I’m super stuck on how to read the bones!

    I’d like a video or something please!


  4. Can u post a walkthrough? I’m stuck on killing the hydra

  5. it is easy just put ten

  6. how do you get into the throne room for hades

  7. hey plz post a vid or somthing on how to beat the whack-a-snake rite aftr u get out of the maze! plz hep im stuck!

  8. plz post a video on how to beat the red eyed snakes!im really stuck.

  9. to do the bone one on mythologhy make ten with the bones

  10. hey mina you click the one with red eyes twice.

  11. I am stuck on slayins the hydra.

  12. dude,I’m stuck with Hercules!!!! I just need the scale from the hydra!!!!!!

  13. plz plz post a vid on ho to kill hydra!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!im stuck help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. Hillary Duffard on May 23rd, 2010 at 1:58 pm

    I know how to read the bones! All you do is reveal the word TEN in the bones.

    Hillary Duffard

  15. I love poptropica and the lightning thief so i love mythology island.I have a crush on Percy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  16. the bones are easy just take away six and if you did it right it should leave the letters T-E-N!!!!!!!!1

  17. ok 4 the bones take away 6 so it leaves the WORD ten

  18. the scale is easy every time a head pulls back jump up. it will stick its head out and you will land on it knockin that head out. do tht to every head then u can take a scale

  19. the wack a snake…. u have to hit all of the red eyed snakes

  20. brandon get help from hercules he will push the rock out of the wy

  21. 1. Go and pick a golden apple by going to the far left. Afterwards Zeus will appear and will give you a list of things to collect.
    2.Before you get any thing, I would go to the museum to see what happened and to get the starfish on a statue’s face.
    3.The first thing on the list is the flower. To get that, go past where the golden apple. The flower will be dry and to pick it you must go above and solve the puzzle. You must turn the levers to get the water to flow down. (if it was hard I would explain how to do it)
    4. The second thing on the list is the ring from the Minotaur. Go to the grove of temples. There will be a temple for the Muses. Enter and get the reed pipe. ( if you want the statue with the flute will teach you a song) Go back to where the flower was and go as far as you can go. Jump up and see a door. Click the olive, and Athena gives a clue that means play on your reed pipe the song that’s on the door. The minotaur will tell you to get the ring, you must go through the maze. Keep going until you find a riddle and the answer is that you leave the bones spread out as the letters TEN. Go down until you find the scorpion. Jump over it. then you will find a snake infested picture. Click the snake with red eyes three times. When the door opens, go through and talk to the beast and he will give you the ring. After you leave be sure to get the pomegranate in that tree. (it is in that same area above the Sphinx and flower).
    5. The next two items are in the same place, so I will explain them together. Go all all the way to the right to see the palace of the water god Poseidon. Enter and you will see an offering stand, so place your starfish there. Enter the new door to see a beach. Talk to the pink goddess and she will test you and give you a mirror. Go into the water until you see a dark spot. Click dive and collect air bubbles along the way. You keep going until you come across a cave. Above it is the Giant Pearl. Then go past a sign that says gnarly beast. Go inside, there will be a Hydra. When it tries to attack you, jump straight up and land on its head. And each head that follows. Try to do it quickly or you will have to do it again. After you knock it out, collect the scale from it’s body.
    6.The last item you will get in the place down below. Ask the worker guy, and clean the graffiti to get a coin. Enter the place and place your pomegranates on the stand. Enter the palace. Dodge past the hazards in the boat. Use your flute to play the following song: BLUE GREEN YELLOW BLUE RED GREEN. Cerberus the three headed dog will sleep. Then just take the whisker.
    7. You now must go to the tree where you got the golden apple only to see all your items stolen so Zeus can rule poptropica. Talk to Athena and she will tell you to talk to Hercules again. Talk to him to visit Hades place first. Enter the throne room. Talk to him until he gives you get the crown. Go back outside to meet Hercules. Take him to the underwater maze in Poseidon’s realm. He will kick away the rock for you. The king will give you a trident. Go ack to Zeus’s place (the Olympus gate) and let Hercules break the lock.
    8. Hercules will be turned to stone once you get there. Then finally use your coin to get a wind bag. This will take you up above. Climb your way to the top. When you get there, run past all four statues to make Zeus appear. Defeat him by both collecting pink clouds, avoiding his bolts and attacks, and shooting him. Try pressing the space bar while shooting, you will know why you should do that. When you win, Athena gives you the Medallion.

  22. alexis gonzalez on May 24th, 2010 at 7:43 pm

    i need hercules to fallow me and help me but how to you get him to fallow you!!!!!!!!!! :/

  23. 4 the bones, leave the WORD ten.

  24. can you help me plez i need to read the bones!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  26. I need 2 know how to get the hydra scale and get bones right i’m puzzled

  27. Hey, I mean HELP ME!!!! I am stuck on a LOT of things! How do you get Hercules to help you? How do you get into Hades’ throne room? How do you beat the Hydra and get the scale? Lastly, how do you get the pearl? I mean it would help if you posted a walkthrough or something to help me out!

  28. To read the bones you take away six of the bones until it spells the word “ten”.

  29. with the bone one spellthe word ten yall see its fits perfect

  30. can u teach me how 2 get thourgh the new doors I dnt kno how 2 make music

  31. Ugh, I put ten upside down, right side p and tons of other ways on the bones and it doesn’t work!!!! Please put up a video!

  32. To kill the hydra, jump on their heads when they strike out at you. It will look like they are sleeping but if you let one strike you, one will awake again. When you hit all their heads the loading sign will come up and it will give you the scale!

  33. okay the bones you need 2 spell 10 but like ten

  34. Ok I need lots of help defeating Zeus!!! Can anyone give me any tips?

  35. someone tell me how to get a stamp for his island

  36. Hey, i need help, HOW CAN I GET HERCULES HELP

  37. alexandra! I have just completed the bones. What you do is take some bones away from the first section. Then make sure it forms the letter T. Then do the next one and make it an E. Then make the next one an N. The message spells 10.

  38. dood its simple go on google tipe in poptropica cheats and click on the 3rd one down

  39. there is chats for all the islands on cheatbook

  40. how do you pass though the river sphx

  41. PLEASE!!!!! post a walkthrough!!everyone needs help!!!!!

  42. i think joe is dumb and he did not say the truth

  43. nvm he said the truth and he’s not dumb

  44. i am already done and i started 5 minutes ago.

  45. for the bones just remove six so it spells the word “TEN”

  46. How do you get Zeus uniform?

  47. Isn’t this quest wrong? Greece isn’t Mythology Island. :mad:

  48. man after i put ten into the bone maze at mythology island nothing happened!!! ♥ so what should i do?♥ :D


  50. having soooooo much trouble w/ snake game- red eyed snake stays for 1/3 time of others, no pattern, close button actually on the game, etc.. sooooo frustrating! :(:(:(:(:(:(

  51. help me!! stuck at the snakes.. T.T

  52. red……eyed……snake….. soooo….stuck…..need…!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  54. ppl how do u kill zeus! i hav tried and tried many times but he always kills me! plz help! p.s if anyone wants a walkthrough just go on youtube!

  55. Ok i have tried over a trillion times to do the ten bone thing I have taken away six bones and spelled ten CORRECTLY and Holy Crap I am still stuck there is no door showing up it still looks the same as it did when i first entered PLZ HELP!!!!

  56. I am stuck on mytholygy.I CANNOT defeat Zeus after hes steals six items.L.O.L me.

  57. just keep jumping on hydrya

  58. No worries look it even spells ten!

  59. hit the red ied snake three times p.s. thrice means third strike i know kuz iv already compleated mytholigy iland

  60. get all five items victor cybris hair hydrya scale five skared perl minatars ring flower from the garden of phinex

  61. this is an easy quest i defeated all islands simple i don’t know why yall need hlp im mean come on….. its simple ^_^ :)

  62. hey am stuck on hades

  63. can someone just say what to do to kill zeus cause i cant beat him!!!}:

  64. on the bone you spell the word ten

  65. if you want to see me ill be at the gym in mytholigy island i have red hair

  66. how do you get the pearl? i dont get it . i got every thing else but the pearl!

  67. if you need help with the bones it spells TEN

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