Skull Duggery Island?

The Poptropica Creators have been posting some screenshots of a new upcoming island. At first it looked like the name would be Pirate Island or Pirate Trade Island. But the newest screenshot from the official Poptropica blog has a picture of a ship on it. And the name of the picture is: SkullduggeryIsland01.png. So is the name of the new island Skull Duggery Island? That would be a way better name than Pirate Trade Island I think. But I guess we won’t know for certain until they officially announce it. But we do know it has pirates. And boats.

This is what the latest screenshot from the official blog looks like.

Skull Duggery Island Screenshot from Poptropica

4 Responses to “Skull Duggery Island?”

  1. hi waz up peeps

  2. can I go to skullduggery

  3. i need help?!?!? how do u get the treasure map???? plz help

  4. u have to buy the feed at the store and then u have to give the feed to the guy with the chikens then give the chiken to the farmer then u go to the govenor the girl by the pumpkins will tell u to go see him and then the farmer will give u a blue candle go to ur supplies and say use read the paper and then u go to the store again and then u climb on all the shelfs and get the brocken mirror she will give it to u for free and then go to the guy on top off the brocken ship go to ur supplies and then use the mirror to signal the lost ppl then u get on the boat press embark and go to all the islands but wen u rome the seas u get chased buy octupuses and pirates

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