Monsters Inc. Advertisement

There’s a new advertisement quest this week on Poptropica for the Disney movie Monsters, Inc. It’s pretty hard to do this one at the beginning because you need to avoid the agents in the yellow suits. There was just one prize at the end of the quest but Poptropica added a second one and it’s much better and makes doing this tricky quest worth it.

First thing you need to know if that you must have a Poptropica age between 10 and 12 years old or you won’t even see this quest. So make a 10-12 year old character and go to Early Poptropica and head to the right so you see the building that says Monsters Inc. on it.

Go inside the building and then run to the right and go through the double doors. Now here are the steps to follow:

  • Go to the right and up a platform and you’ll find the grey card.
  • Go all the way to the top left and you’ll find the blue card. You will have to ride up the elevator platforms to get there.
  • Go back down the middle (be careful of the yellow suit guys) and go to the platform right above where you start. There is a door holding device here. Click on it and select the blue card.
  • Go into the room and collect both cards here. Then exit and click on the door device again. Select the light blue card.
  • Go into the room and collect the orange card that is here. Exit and click on the door device. Choose the orange card.
  • Go into this last room and click on the girl standing on the left. She is the one you needed to rescue. The quest is over and you get your prizes. Hooray!

I like the Boo outfit. It looks awesome.


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  1. thats sooo stupid there is noooo grey platform

  2. this stinks don’t do it! i tried it like 20 times and none of them worked! like i said don’t do it ever!!!!!!

  3. Please let me be montsters ink. person

  4. i havent tried this yet

  5. i havent tried it either,,, but i really wanna!!

  6. i wish i could try it but i dont see building

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