Daily Pop

There is a cool and mysterious new message on the main Poptropica board about something called the Daily Pop. It’s a new feature that is coming soon to Poptropica. As usual the creators aren’t giving us many details but it sounds kind of exciting and obviously it will be something that happens every day which is very cool. Especially since Poptropica doesn’t update very often. I looked closely at the screenshot and it sounds like it might be a feature in the blog instead of the game. Look really closely and there are images of comic strips and a picture of Shark Boy holding a pencil. So maybe we will get comic strips in the blog every day or something like that. We will have to wait and see I guess.

Poptropica Daily Pop

The Poptropica Daily Pop.

2 Responses to “Daily Pop”

  1. where do you have cheats? i clicked on POPTROPICA CHEATS but this came up. im so flabbergasted!!!!

  2. Why Did They Make Wimpy Wonderland So Hard For Us I Can,t Even Eat Watercress salad Why Is I Want To Complte The Island So Ha HA ? Now what i am going to do that hahahahhahahahhaah wild west i nearly comptle that island

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