Cryptids Island Info

The Poptropica Creators made an official announcement today in the blog about Cryptids Island. They confirmed the name and posted a new info page that tells the background story of the island. It’s all about an eccentric billionaire who is going to give a huge reward to anyone who can find the mysterious hidden beasts like Bigfoot, Nessie and others. You’ll be in competition with other people who are searching for them as well. The island doesn’t have a launch date yet, but it says coming soon for (paid) members. So we’ll probably see it very soon!

Poptropica Cryptids Island

Cryptids Island Info

If you look closely at the screenshots, you’ll see a huge mansion with a helicopter. This is obviously the billionaire’s house. It looks sweet! There is also some museum or something inside the mansion, a gas station, and some pen with freaky looking creatures in it. It all looks really cool and I can’t wait for Cryptids Island to be released!

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  1. Its called “Wild West”

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