New Advertisement Missions on Poptropica

There are two new advertisement missions this week on Poptropica. To see either of them, your Poptropica character needs to be under 12 years old. The two advertisements are for the new movie called, The Spy Next Door and a return of Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs, which is coming out on DVD. You can get to the Spy Next Door mission from Early Poptropica or Shark Tooth Island. You can get to Cloudy with a Chance on Meatballs from Super Power Island and some others.

Both of the advertisement missions are pretty easy to do.

The Spy Next Door

Go inside and talk to the kid. It’s the babysitter and he needs you to find the kids and their pet pig. You also have to set traps to stop the spies who are about to break into the house. You have to complete everything in 60 seconds. When you do you get a sweet prize. It’s a flamethrower!

Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs

This is a brand new advertisement mission for the movie. The original was a few months ago. In this new mission, Flint tells you to take a helicopter to an ice cream mountain and retrieve an invention he made to help stop food from falling down from the sky. To get to the helicopter, jump up the platforms and go to the left. Then click on it to fly to the top of the mountain. When you arrive, just jump up and you’ll see the invention. Then you need to get down the mountain by clicking on the big pink spoon. It is easier than it sounds. Ride the spoon down the mountain and watch out for things in your path and falling food from the sky. After 60 seconds, you’ll finish the mission and get the rewards, which are two new costumes. They are the spaghetti costume and the sugar cone costume.

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  9. Poptropica is one of my best loved games in the Web. I definitely hope they keep on releasing new islands.

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