Red Dragons and Ninjas

The big news in Poptropica right now is the announcement of Red Dragon Island. This is the newest island to come to Poptropica and it will be available soon for members to play in early access. There’s a sneak peek going on right now. If you haven’t seen it yet, head over to your map and check it out. It’s based on ancient Japan and features ninjas, sumo wrestlers and well, red dragons!

Poptropica Red Dragon Island

The big feature in the sneak peek is the sumo wrestling match, where you compete with other Poptropicans to win the matches and earn ranks. Members also get special outfits each time they advance a rank by winning five matches. There’s also a special Midnight Red Ninja costume available for paid members and you can get it inside the sneak peek area or in the main Poptropica store.

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