D.C. Diner Mini-Game on Poptropica

Poptropica D.C. Diner Game

The new mini-game for Mystery Train Island arrived this past weekend on Poptropica. If you’ve ever played Diner Dash or one of the many clones of that game, you already know how it works. Lots of customers come into the restaurant, and you need to seat and serve them. There’s a timer that counts down, so you have to move fast between the customers, the drink station, and the cook’s area. As you win the different rounds (or “shifts”), you can earn upgrades that really help out a lot. A nice twist is that sometimes famous customers, like Thomas Edison, eat at the D.C. Diner, and when you win the round that they visit, you get a special item to keep in your Poptropica inventory.

The game is hard at the later stages and you have to do a good job of guessing what the customers will want ahead of time. The golden rule of this game is don’t wait around and stand still. Keep moving and keep your tray full. Choose your upgrades well! It’s better to get the fast cook and fast drinks first and then the other upgrades later.

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