Cheats for Vampire’s Curse Island

The twenty-fifth island on Poptropica is called Vampire’s Curse Island. It was released to paid members in early access on March 1, 2012. The story behind the main quest is that a vampire named Count Bram has taken a young girl from the nearby village. Your mission is to rescue her and figure out how to stop the curse.

Fierce Moon at has posted the first full video walkthrough on YouTube. Here it is.

If you go to visit the Sneak Peeks area on Daily Pop you can review screen shots that the creators have posted over the past month or so. Some of them include characters we’ll meet and scenes from the upcoming island. Check back here soon for all the Poptropica cheats for Vampire’s Curse Island!

Vampire Theatre

Full Walkthrough for Vampire Curse Island

Arriving to the Island, talk to the girl that you’ll meet when you get touch to the island. She’ll tell you that her darling Katya is missing with her boyfriend. Then proceed walking to the right and talk to the man and to the seller of Ticket on the Village Cinema. They are telling about how young kids now a day’s love Vampire stuff. Continue to the right, a woman will tell you that Katya and her boyfriend Christopher are just crazy about Vampires and they probably go to the Bram’s Castle.

On the Bram’s Castle, you’ll meet Christopher upset because it was his fault why Katya is missing and he wouldn’t want to rescue her since there are still lots of girls in the Village. Coward! So it’s your mission to rescue Katya from Count Bram. Jump to the branch and a werewolf will attack you, go to the right and enter to the tree. You can use one of the branches as your weapon, so whenever the werewolf will try to run, click on the branch to knock it down. When the werewolf is gone, go out to the Tree by clicking yourself. Now you need to get the Log on the left, but you can’t easily get through. Run to the right and jump on the top, climb to the rope and to the other branches. A werewolf will attack you again and you will fall exactly on the location of the Log and it will go to your backpack. Go to the right and jump to the top, climb on the rope and jump to the left on the vanes. Go to the wooden bridge, a wolf will attack you again. Click on the bridge to cut it down so the wolf will fall. Walk to the right let yourself fall and you’ll end up on the bridge that will serve you as a ladder to the top. When you get to the top proceed to the right, there are graves of Mr. Renield, Quincy P. Morris and some old graves which you can’t read. You’ll find an entrance on the right, go inside. Click on the grave inside and you’ll get Teen Vampire Novel and Crowbar. Leave the place and walk to the right, click on the tube pipe of a grave house and put it near on the water pump. Jump on the water pump and water will flow on the statue. Take the pipe and move it exactly to where the water fall and it will spit water on the gutter. With enough water you can swim to get to the other side and enter to the archway.

You’ll find rocks on the side you will need to move them to the right to the water fountains. The first boulder will be easy, the but on the second boulder you will need to use the Crowbar. Jump on the rock platform and you’ll find another rock. Push it so it will fall to the last water fountain. So, the remaining fountain will spit so high and you can reach to the window of the building. Enter to the window on the left and you will land on the dark room in front of the fireplace. You will need to use the Log and then the Teen Vampire Novel to keep the fire going, and then jump on the bellows to light the fire a little bit more. Now you need light up the chandeliers, take the ladder beside the bookshelf, now take one of the candles and light it up with fire. Jump to the chandeliers on the left and they will light up. There are four chandeliers to light up, so do this again three times. When all four chandeliers are light up, it will get brighter and you’ll find the Glass Eye beside the bookshelf. Jump to the ladder again and put the Glass Eye on the Tiger’s eye, its mouth will open with a key, it’s Armory Key.

Go inside the Armory room on the left side by using the Armory Key, and click on the Canon. Grab the Crossbow hanging on the wall. Then walk to the left and click on the canon and it will turn back. Now click on the canon ball on the floor and put it on the canon. Then go outside and light up a candle. Then go back to the canon to light it up, the ball will get outside the room back to the fireplace room. Now take the ball to the fire and it will burn. It will get very hot that you can’t touch it, so use the fire stick on just beside the fire so you can push the fireball. Push it on the left and place it on the small opening just beside the Armory room. Now go back to the armory room and click on remaining ball again and place it on the canon. Light up another candle, but this time it will blow the ceiling. Then jump at the top of the canon and use the Crossbow. Press spacebar and shoot it to the left wall. Continue shooting, this will serve you as your ladder to get to the top. Jump to the top and you will find a locked window and a plant. Use the crowbar to open the window and the plant will have some light but it will need some water too. So go down and you’ll find a bucket. Exit to the room and to the building, use the crowbar to open the castle’s door. If you still remember the fountain that you worked on earlier, use the bucket here to fill water. Go back to the Armory room and find your way back to the plant. Use the bucket of water to the plant and it will drastically grow outside the window. Jump through its leaves and get to the top window. This room looks like a laboratory, walk to the right and turn the red lever. It will release the fireball and it will cook the beaker where the Wilted Wolfsbane is, take it. You will also find Count Bram’s Notebook on the desk, it consist of the needed ingredients for the Serum. Jump on the bookshelf and get the Garlic. You can now go outside the room.

Go to the next room, this is the cage room where you will meet Katya. She is on the hanging cage on the ceiling. She’ll tell you that you can find the information how get the ingredients. Leave the castle and go back to the fireplace. Push the ladder to the right bookcase and grab the Root Cause Book. It has the information where you can find the Mandrake Root. Go outside the building and go through the archway down. Walk to the right and use your crossbow and shoot the right wall. Jump to the arrows and you’ll find the Mandrake Root on the wall. Now find your way to the get back to the Laboratory. Look on the microscope and take some of the ingredients. The formula should be: 1 line of Mandrake Root, 3 lines of Wilted Wolfsbane and 3 lines of Garlic. When the mixing is success, you’ll get the Anti-Vampirism Serum.

Now go to the Cage Room, walk to the right and you’ll find a shiny thing, click on it and you’ll find the Key to the Hanging Cage. Use the stick to get the Cage key. Jump to the top and use the key to rescue Katya. But just in time, a shadow of bat coming near and Katya get so scared. It’s Count Bram! And he is calling him Annabelle. Follow Katya, but Count Bram will try to catch you, use the Garlic to keep him away from you. Follow Katya till you reach to the top of the building. Count Bram will transform into a bat, use the Serum to knock him off.

The next thing that will happen, Count Bram turn so old and he’ll thank you for lifting his Vampire Curse and vanish. Christopher will arrive and kiss Katya. But Count Bram left something for you, it’s the Vampire Curse Island Medallion! Congratulations.

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