How to Beat Poptropica Shark Tooth Island

poptropica sharktooth island entrance

The beginning of Shark Tooth Island in Poptropica

Shark Tooth Island is one of the first island quests in Poptropica and is certainly one of the fastest and easiest to do. Here is a complete Shark Tooth Island Walkthrough to help you solve this fun and exciting adventure in the game. If you’re quick you can complete the entire quest in under ten minutes. No joke. Here are all the Poptropica cheats for Shark Tooth Island to get you going.

When you first arrive in Shark Tooth by balloon, you will be at the start of the island. First, go to the right and run all the way to the end of this area. You will see a sign that says Ancient Ruins. Run to the right and head there. It’s fine to pass by everything in this area for now because you’ll be back here towards the end of the quest. If you have time, you should really stop in the Shark Museum. You don’t have to do it to complete the mission but it’s a lot of fun to see and this is where the famous Shark Boy character is. Once you arrive in the Ancient Ruins, run to the right and jump over the big stone boulder in your way. Keep going until you see the sign for Booga Bay and then go right again.

Run right through the next short area to get to Booga Bay. There is a man selling grass skirts here. Talk to him and he will give you one. Put the grass skirt on and then go back left to the ancient ruins. When you arrive, run to the left and then jump over the big rock that is sitting on the ground in the middle. Stand next to it and then push it to the right until it is underneath the vine next to the palm tree. Jump up on the top of the block and then jump up again to grab the vine.

Shark Tooth Island Grass Skirts

Buy a grass skirt from this guy in Poptropica Shark Tooth Island

Now climb up the fine and jump up on the platforms until you get to the very top of the tree. Watch out for the falling coconuts, which can knock you down. When you get to the very top of the tree, there will be a Medicine Man there. Speak with him and he will tell you that deep in the temple you’ll find a wall carving that shows you what you need to bring to him. You will need to collect all the ingredients so that he can make a special potion in a coconut for you to feed to the shark so that you can rescue Professor Hammerhead and the little boy that are trapped in Booga Bay.

Jump down out of the tree and then go to the left. There will be an entrance to the temple right there. It’s inside the big statue that kind of looks like a mouth. It has some spooky eyes in there and some cobwebs in the corners. Go inside the entrance and then go all the way down the first area with all the platforms.

poptropica sharktooth island entrance of the temple

The entrance to the temple.

You will be standing on the top of a big platform in a large chamber. All you need to do is jump down until you land at the very bottom in some green water. Walk to the left until you get to the end and then jump up the platforms. You will be standing next to a green control panel that will open the door. Click on the panel to enter the code to open it.

The secret with this panel is to press certain buttons, which are the teeth in the mouth. Look from the left and count them. Press the 3rd, 4th, 6th, and 7th buttons. Then press the “nose” which is the big triangle above the teeth. The eyes will light up and then the door will open so that you can go through. Keep going through the next passageway and then you will be in another very big dark chamber. Jump and go all the way to the bottom in the green water. Run to the left until you get to a large golden shark statue. Jump up on the statue and go over it. Drop down to the left and then walk all the way to the left until you see a skeleton. Run on top of the large white bone to get it.

poptropica sharktooth island shark statue

The mysterious shark statue in the temple.

OK, now return to the shark statue and jump back onto the top. Next, jump up on the swinging platform and then jump left until you get to the top of a platform that overlooks a pit with spikes in the walls. Stand here and wait for the platform to slide next to you and then get on it. When it reaches the other side, jump off and then head to the left. Now you will go into the final chamber. This one is really easy. Just jump down to the bottom and go to the left. You will arrive at a large pedestal with a container at the top. Jump up to get it. This is the key ingredient for the potion that the medicine man will make you. Now, jump onto the vine and climb up it to get out of the temple. Keep going up through the room with lots of platforms by jumping all the way up to the top.

You will come out right at the entry point for the island. You will be standing next to the guy who sells shark fins. You can talk to him to get one if you want because they’re kind of cool. But you don’t need it to solve the mission. You do need to talk to the guy standing outside of the Coconut Cafe. He will give you a glass of coconut milk.

Next you need to go to the right and then return to the Ancient Ruins. Push the big stone again to get underneath the vine next to the palm tree. Go all the way back up to the tree to return to where the Medicine Man is standing. Speak to him. He will take all the ingredients from you and make you a calming potion to feed to the shark. Jump down from the tree and head to the right to Booga Bay.

Walk all the way to the right until you see a cannon next to the fisherman there. Click on the cannon and then aim it over the water. Click to launch the coconut with the special potion in it into the water. When it lands in the water, the shark will appear and eat the coconut. He will turn green and fall asleep. Click on the back button to return to the main screen. Now go right across the water and you will come to a small island.

poptropica sharktooth island feed the shark

Feed the shark near Booga Bay.

Professor Hammerhead is here next to a hut. Talk to the professor. He will thank you for rescuing him and the small boy. He will ask you to lead them safely back to the mainland. Go left and they will come along. Go all the way to the beach where the woman was. When you arrive she will thank you for rescuing her boy. The professor will give you the island medallion and you have completed Shark Tooth Island!

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