Turn Off All Effects

Earlier this month, Poptropica released a new feature where you can turn off all the special effects on your character with one button. You used to have to turn them all of one by one by finding each card in your backpack and clicking on it to disable the effect. That got kind of annoying if you had more than a few effects activated at once. For example, if you were minimized and using a glow and who knows what else, you could spend minutes trying to find all the different cards. Now you just need to click on the button marked, “Turn off special effects” that appears near the bottom of the screen when you’re browsing through your backpack. All the effects you currently have on will be disabled and you’ll be back to normal. It’s a simple little feature, but very helpful for those of us who like to experiment with lots of different special effects on our Poptropicans. Thanks, creators!

Turn Poptropica Special Effects Off

Turn off all your special effects in Poptropica with a single button.

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