Poptropica Skullduggery Island Walkthrough

Everyone is really excited about Skullduggery Island, which is a brand-new quest on Poptropica. It’s been out for a while for paid members only and it’s really the biggest and hardest Poptropica island released so far. It takes a lot longer to play than most of the other island quests and it involves doing a lot of different things. Most earlier adventures were pretty simple because you just needed to follow a simple set of steps. Skullduggery Island is much more complicated and you need to do things like trade cargo to earn doubloons to earn money and get bigger ships and hire a crew.

The island sort of works in two different parts. The first part is more like the earlier Poptropica adventures and it takes place on the first island on which you arrive, called Fort Ridley. There is a short quest where you have to help the villagers on the island and figure out the mystery of an incomplete note that the governor of Fort Ridley has. It helps to explain a lost treasure. The island of Fort Ridley needs that treasure because all their money has been stolen by the terrible pirate, Captain Crawfish.

Part Two is where you travel many different islands to trade cargo and to uncover five pieces of a missing treasure map. Once you get the map, you will reveal the hidden Skullduggery Island. Once you have enough money from trading, you can outfit a warship and take on Captain Crawfish. Once you defeat him, the Governor of Fort Ridley will give you a special shovel to dig up the treasure and save the island. Here is the step-by-step walkthrough for the whole island.

Part One: Fort Ridley Walkthrough

When you arrive by balloon, you’ll be in Fort Ridley, which is where the first part of Skullduggery Island takes place. During this beginning part of the island, your goal is to find several items to help the villagers and solve the mystery of the strange note. When you have solved the secret of the strange note and aided the people of Fort Ridley, you can leave this main island and check out quite a few more on the high seas.

  1. To begin, travel through the first place and dash across the bridge into the next area. On the far side, climb down into the stream and go left to get the Doubloon from the sand.
  2. Return over the bridge towards the Main Street area and after that walk into the General Store where you will see a woman inside. Click on the doubloon in your backpack and make use of it to purchase a bag of chicken feed.
  3. Following that go outside the store and proceed to the chap with the chickens. Give him the bag of feed you just got. He will give you a chicken.
  4. Take the chicken to the next area to the right and give it to the guy who is growing corn. The chicken will eat the pests and the guy will give you a blue candle as a gift.
  5. Go far right past the Governor’s house, to the sea edge and talk to the woman there whose husband is lost at sea.
  6. Enter the Governor’s house and use the Blue Candle to reveal the missing writing on the Parchment. The Goverrnor will explain the story of the lost Treasure Map and will ask you to find the pieces and defeat the terrible pirate, Captain Crawfish.
  7. Walk outside the house and then go all the way back to where you started the quest. There is a fort here. Climb to the top of the tower and use the telescope. You’ll see a very small raft. Use the broken mirror to signal the raft which will sail into the pier.
  8. A man will walk out onto the pier to meet you. He is the husband of the woman you talked to near the ocean. He gives you his ship, which is now crewed by a cabin boy and the old sailor from the fort.

Part Two: Get the Treasure Map and Earn Lots of Doubloons

Now the longer part of Skullduggery Island begins. You’ll be doing a lot of sailing and exploring of the different islands on the map while you search for the different treasure map pieces and try to earn enough doubloons through trading to hire your crew and buy a warship to defeat Captain Crawfish.

  1. Once you are on board your ship, raise anchor and sail to Dragon Cove, up and to the left of Fort Ridley. As you move from place to place in your boat, try to stay far away from sea creatures, pirate ships, and thunder clouds because they will all damage your ship. If you see salvage floating in the water, try to get it for extra doubloons and goods.
  2. You’ll soon arrive at Dragon Cove. Click on the dock and disembark. To find the map piece, go to the water’s edge and stand on the sunken statue to reveal a Mallet. Push the old fisherman all the way to the right, and hit the giant Bell Gong with the mallet. The sound of the gong will make the fish jump out of the water and onto the fisherman’s hook. He will give you a piece of the map which he found in the fish’s mouth. Dragon Cove is the home of the shipbuilder and is where you can purchase upgraded ships which carry more cargo and have more guns. It’s also where you’ll find the shipwright, who can repair your ship while in battle. But you probably don’t have enough doubloons yet, so skip them for now. New ships and the crewmembers are pretty expensive and you’ll need to do a lot of trading between the islands before you can start upgrading. While you’re here on Dragon Cove, visit the trading post and buy as much Silk as you can.
  3. The next stop is Bouffant Bay, which is in the top-right corner. Pick up any salvage you spot along the way.
  4. The guy here once you arrive on the boat dock offers you a small clue about the hidden map piece on this island. Run to the right and you will arrive at the trading post. Here you want to sell Silk. Here, it is Medicine that is cheaply purchased. Now we’re off to find the map piece. First, walk to the right until you arrive at a house with the hanging baskets. Jump up into the 3rd, then the 1st, then the 2nd middle one. Once that is done, you’ll find the hidden map piece. In the nearby Willard’s Warehouse is the Cargo Master, who can increase your cargo space for any ship by 50%. He is also not affordable at the start. Don’t forget to make sure you bought the Medicine cargo from the trading post because you’ll want to sell it at the next port.
  5. Travel to Parrot Port, directly below. When you arrive, go to the Trading Post and sell all your cargo. Don’t purchase anything here because everything is too expensive. Head inside Petey’s Pirate Pub and you’ll find the Navigator. When you hire her she increases the speed of your ship, but if this is your first trip around the islands, she’s too expensive to hire for now. Get the cracker that you’ll locate upstairs on the left inside the pub. Go back to the Trading Post and locate the Parrot. The parrot is kind of weird and tells you to jump into the sea and then to come back and try to find it. Run out to the dock and jump in the water and then go back and you’ll find him up near the roof of one of the buildings. Click on him and he’ll tell you to clog the vent and see where he went. He’s talking about a chimney on the building to the right, which you need to stand on. You can find the parrot in the palm tree over to the right. He tells you to go to the old tower and find a pirate that he knows. Go to the old tower near the dock and you’ll find the pirate up top. He’ll tell you that if you can return the parrot to him he will give you a reward. Use the cracker you got from the pub to get the parrot to fly to the tower and then the pirate will give you the missing map piece.
  6. The next stop is Golden Harbor, which is the island in the lower-right corner of the map. It’s surrounded by treacherous rocks so be careful when you go and pick up any salvage you can along the way. When you go inside the bank, you can borrow doubloons which let you buy more cargo for trading and earn money quickly. You can obtain a loan of doubloons from the back that costs 5% interest each day days go by each time you sail to a new port and you have to repay the loan within 20 days. To get the map piece here, you have to light three of the five street lights, some of which go out when others are turned on. The specific order is to get the lantern on the far right first the fifth lantern. Then get the third lantern, followed by the fourth one. Finally, get the second and then finally the first lantern far left. The map piece will then fall down from the archway. We’re almost ready to sail on but before you go, visit the trading post and purchase as much grain as you can.
  7. The next stop is the Pirate Outpost, a remote island located to the West. Find the trading post. Then sell all of your grain at a profit and buy as much spice as you possibly can. Climb up the giant skull, jumping over hostile pirates. In the cannon shack is the Cannoneer, who you may wish to hire later. At the top of the mast is a “cannon starter kit” fuses, which will fire any of the four cannons on the outpost. Jump down and to the left and you’ll see a barrel of explosives. Push it down so that it falls into the water below. Leap off the platform and land next to the barrel in the water below. Push the barrel to the right and place it directly underneath the gold tooth in the big skull statue. Run back to the left and click on the cannon to fire it. The cannonball will hit the barrel of explosives, which will blow up. The explosion will shake the gold tooth and the hidden map piece will fall out.
  8. Next, start following a trade route by returning to Dragon Cove to sell your spice. Keep going in this circular clockwise direction from port to port to build your profits so that you can purchase bigger ships and hire more crew. You can use any trading routes you want, but this basic circle will get you profits faster than any other way. There are no shortcuts, but your progress is much faster as you increase your ship size and speed.
  9. After a while, you’ll have enough money to purchase the biggest ship, the Phoenix Warbird. You’ll need this ship and a full crew to defeat Captain Crawfish. Sail to battle him off Skullduggery Island. Once you defeat Captain Crawfish in battle, sail back to Fort Ridley. When you arrive, go back to the house with the Governor inside. The governor will reveal the exact location of the buried treasue on Skullduggery Island and will give you a special shovel you need to dig it up.
  10. Get back on your ship and sail to Skullduggery Island. Dock there and then go to the hill with the flag. Then walk six paces to the right, and use the bone shovel to dig up the treasure. After you dig up the treasure, Captain Crawfish and his dastardly pirate crew surprise you. With them is the Governor’s aide who was working for Crawfish the whole time.

Finishing the Island

Unlike the majority of other Poptropica islands, there is no big boss fight here at the end. Your crew sails in to save the day, and you return the treasure to Fort Ridley, where the Governor awards you the Island Medallion!

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  7. To get the blue candle: go underneath the woman who said she threw a coin and wishes that she had instead saved it. Go left. Now you will pick up a dunloore (or whatever the currency is). Go to the general store and buy the feed. Then give the feed to the guy who has the hens. He will give you a chicken. Give the chicken to the guy who has wilting crops and a bug problem. He will give you the blue candle. Hope this has helped you.

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    to earn doubloons fast you go clockwise from island to island and sell all of what the island gives most doubloons for.
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  20. you get monny faster than what unknown said,you go to the buffand bay,sell everything you have,then buy as much meadcine as you can,(collect savlange on the way)then go to the parrot port and sell everything(only if you had collect savalange)if you haddend,sell all your meadecine,keap doiing that please

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