Vampire’s Curse Island Soon

The 25th island in Poptropica will be called Vampire’s Curse Island. There have been a bunch of sneak peeks posted to the Daily Pop section of Poptropica that give some hints about what the island will be about. Obviously, it will involve vampires! And we can tell that werewolves will be a part of it too. And there’s something to do with a play at a theatre. But apart from those little clues, there’s not much that we really know for now.

Vampire Girl Outfit in PoptropicaAlso, remember that you can get into the Vampire Spirit if you have the vampire costumes from the Poptropica Store. There were three different girl costumes and one boy costume placed in the store about two years ago. And you can get the old-school style Dracula costume from the Ghoul party at the end of the Haunted House mini-mission.

What do you think Vampire’s Curse Island will be about?

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