SOS Island Arrives for Members

Last week, paid members got their first look at SOS Island. It’s one of the easiest and shortest islands on Poptropica. The story is that a luxury cruise for whale-watching has hit an iceberg and is sinking. You need to go on board and rescue the survivors, which are both passengers and crew. You find the survivors in a specific order and the ship sinks further into the water as you go.

Non-members can still access the island, but only play a very short demo. The full island will be available to everyone in a few weeks.

Paid members get an extra bonus: there’s a second short mini-quest you get when the main island is complete. In this mini-quest, you go underwater in a special diving suit and submarine to stop oil leaks that have sprung from the pipes of the sunken ship.

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  1. how do you complete SOS island!!!!! i don’t know how!

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