Cheats for Legendary Swords

Poptropica Legendary Swords is a special adventure quest in the game. Instead of a normal island where you solve puzzles and meet other characters, in Legendary Swords you kill stuff. With swords. And the stuff you kill is evil robots. Awesome! Keep reading for all the Poptropica Legendary Swords Cheats and Secrets.

How to Play

The game is very simple to play. You move around just like you do in a normal Poptropica island. But you have a sword and when you press the space bar, you’ll swing it. When you encounter evil robots, you need to get close to them and swing the sword to damage them until they blow up. But they can damage you, too. You have a health meter at the top of your screen and if it goes down to zero, you need to restart the level. You can keep your health meter full by using special health crystals. They appear on the ground in clusters. Whack them with your sword to add them to your inventory. Click on the crystal icon at the top (next to the health meter) to refill your health.

Some of the robots have special powers, like lasers or rockets that you need to avoid to keep your health up. And there are a few boss robots that are much harder to defeat.

In this first episode of Legendary Swords, there are two swords that you can find on the planet. The first one is called the Rusty Relic and it’s not very good, but you can still use it to fight the first mini-boss and the first main boss. After you beat the first boss, you can find the second sword, which is called The Bolt. If you have any outfits from the Poptropica Store that include swords, you get to use those in the game, too.

Walkthroughs for Legendary Swords

Check out these walkthrough videos from YouTube!